About the OLPAA


The OLPAA is committed to providing a quality, comprehensive and properly focused athletic program for all eligible parishioners. The Diocesan objectives are to unite the youth of our parishes and to bring Christian truths, principles and ideals into their everyday lives. 

Consistent with these objectives, the OLP program strives to foster the physical and spiritual development of our children and to build character by promoting high standards based on respect and good sportsmanship. Our goal is to teach the fundamental skills of each sport and provide an atmosphere in which each child can excel, learn the benefits of teamwork and cooperation, and have fun!

By-Laws and Policies of OLPAA


To develop a program of positive learning experiences that conveys a healthy attitude and appreciation of the sports being played.To develop a respect for self, teammates, and all participants through team or individual play and sportsmanship.To provide a program that is conducive to the development of individual skills, self-confidence and self-discipline for all participants.To present a competitive athletic representation from the OLP Parish in the Diocesan athletic program.

The OLPAA is run by an all-volunteer board, which is an organization sponsored by Our Lady of Peace Parish. The Board is comprised of parishioners and parents of students who attend OLP School. Board members are elected annually, typically in the spring, and serve from July 1 through the following June 30. The Board holds approximately 7 - 8 meetings each year to discuss and vote on association activities.

We are a self-funded organization through fees charged for participation in the various activities as well as through fund-raisers, such as the annual magazine sale. We also host diocesan volleyball and basketball games, during which we make money through admission charges and concession sales.

2017-2018 Board Members:

ChairmanTim O'Brien
Vice Chairman Thomas Benadum
Treasurer Dave Meske
Secretary Sandra Ulibarri
Volleyball AD Thomas Benadum
Football AD Keith Graney
Golf AD Sharon Graham
Soccer AD
Boys Basketball AD Scott Schuler
Girls Basketball AD Scott Renshaw
Tiger Cubs Coordinator Simon Maynard
Baseball AD Keith Graney
Softball AD Michelle Thomas
Track AD Andy Bott
Systems/Signups Jude Divierte 

Soccer (OLP & Kenney) Tim Rabold /Tim O'Brien
Gym Jodi Renshaw
Softball/Baseball Fields Keith Graney
Class Reps  
8th Grade Girls Scott Renshaw
8th Grade Boys Sandra Ulibarri
7th Grade GirlsDave Mumaw
7th Grade Boys Sharon Graham
6th Grade Girls Allison Stonis
6th Grade Boys Simon Maynard
5th Grade Girls Open
5th Grade Boys Jodi Graney
4th Grade Girls Matt Dorazio
4th Grade Boys Open
At-Large Reps  
At-Large Rep Tim Rabold
At-Large Rep Mike Bryant
At-Large Rep Jon Crissinger
At-Large Rep Joel Ullom
At-Large Rep Dave Iceman
At-Large Rep Duane Lara


OLPAA offers school age children who attend OLP School, or who are members of OLP Parish, the opportunity to participate in many sporting activities. These activities include:

Fall, Spring, Summer
Soccer: Grades K- 8 (Boys/Girls)
Volleyball: Grades 4-8 (Girls)
Football: Grades 4-8 (Boys)
Golf: Grades 6-8 (Boys/Girls)
Basketball: Grades 4-8 (Boys/Girls)
Baseball: Grades 4-8 (Boys)
Softball: Grades 4-8 (Girls)
Track: Grades 4-8 (Boys/Girls)
Fall, Winter:  
Cheerleading Grades 7-8

In addition, each year in January – February, we conduct a basketball clinic for boys and girls in grades 2 and 3, called "Tiger Cubs".


As OLPAA is an all-volunteer organization, there are always opportunities to help. Volunteer opportunities include helping to coach our sports teams, working the concession stand during OLP hosted diocesan games and many other opportunities.

All parish employees and volunteers working with children and young adults are required to attend a Protecting God’s Children class. By State law they are also required to have a criminal background check and be fingerprinted. The Protecting God’s Children program was created to focus on preventing child and youth sexual abuse. A second focus is training how to respond to abuse or allegations of abuse. For more information, go to the Protecting God’s Children link on the parish website.


If you have any questions, simply send an email to info@olpaa.org and we will reply with answers!