Registration for OLPAA sports is done online.

All registration payments must be made by credit card through the online registration system. If for some reason you are unable to make a credit card payment online, please contact us and we can make other arrangements to accommodate you.


All forms must be completed by the parents and submitted by the first practice. A player will not be permitted to practice without these forms being submitted.

Instructions for Online Sports Registration
  1. Click on the link above to “Online Sports Registration.”
  2. Click the button that says “Click here to Login and Register.”
  3. For first time users, click the button to “Create an account.”
  4. Enter your email address and a password of your choosing. Enter them both again to make sure you didn’t make any typos. Click “Next.”
  5. Enter your name, address, and home phone number. Please also enter your mobile phone number. We will give this to the coach and then they won’t have to ask you for it again. You can select “No Thanks” for the SportsSignup Offers; this does not affect email sent from OLPAA. Click “Next.”
  6. Next, indicate if the child is a student at OLP School or if your family is a member of OLP Parish. If both are true, please select “Student at OLP School.” If your family is a member of another parish and you were asked to register with OLP, please select "Other parish member" and tell us which parish you belong to. Click “Next.”
  7. Now you need to add your children so you can register them. Click “Add.”
  8. Enter your child’s first name, nickname (if any), gender, birthdate, and current grade. If your child has any medical issues that the coach should know about, please enter that too. Click “Save.”
  9. Click “Register Now” next to your child’s name to register them for the current session.
  10. The page then lists all the sports your child is eligible to register for this session. Click “Register Now” for the appropriate sport.
  11. Please enter the emergency contact information. This can be you; it does not have to be someone different. Click “Continue.”
  12. The division will already be selected.  Please select the team (there should only be one choice, do not select “Unknown/Other”.) Click “Continue.”
  13. If you are presented with a parent code of conduct, please read through it and indicate your agreement.
  14. If you have additional children you would like to register for this session, click “Register” and then click “Add Children” and repeat the process.  
  15. If done registering, click “Check Out” to pay. Then click “Confirm Order.”
  16. After completing payment, please download, print and complete the medical authorization form and parental consent form (shown above) and send them in or give them to the head coach at the first practice.
  17. Click “Done.”